Product Review: Bonavita Coffee Brewer

Filter coffee machines bring back nostalgic memories of family holidays to California. We would stay at Los Robles Lodge (which has since shut) in Santa Rosa, an hour north of San Francisco. Breakfast was always pancakes and syrup; I was too young to be drinking coffee, but would watch the waitress unlimitedly refill my dad’s mug – from a filtered brewer.


Now, coffee gets me going every morning. My favourite coffees are espressos, macchiatos, americanos and flat whites (in that order). If I was to drink one coffee bean for the rest of my life it would be the Hawaiian (arabica bean) coffee: Kona. It’s grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa (the world’s largest volcano) and is one of the more expensive varieties – so I only buy it as a treat.


When Bonavita sent me their 8-cup Coffee Brewer I was unsure what to expect. But since (easily) setting it up in my flat, it’s massively grown on me. It’s simple, quick and stylish. But most importantly, the coffee tastes authentic and great. It’s a crowd pleaser and I would recommend it to anyone considering an easy household coffee machine. At home, I usually use either a cafetiere or a little Bialetti Moka Express Hob, but can now confidently say I’ll be using the Bonavita Coffee Brewer most mornings. After my third use, I rang my mum and told her to sack off the morning cafetiere and buy one.


So why should you buy one of a Bonavita machines? Yes, you can pick up a cafetiere for a tenner, but how often do they smash and how messy are they? This coffee brewer is a quality machine. It’s obviously been made with simplicity, cleanliness, convenience and perfect filtered coffee in mind. The machine brews the water to the optimum range of between 93 – 96 degrees Celsius meaning your coffee won’t burn. Plus the coffee jug is so thick it will keep your coffee warm for at least 45 minutes after being brewed.


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