Get it right: scrambled eggs recipe

I’m sure most of you are capable of making scrambled eggs. But too many times have I been at friends or family’s houses and have had the displeasure of being served overcooked or tasteless versions. It’s an easy dish to get right, but an easy dish to get wrong. I thought it was time to share my way, in an attempt to wipe out rubbish scrambled eggs once and for all.

To get them creamy and delicious, follow this simple recipe…

Ingredients per person

3 x fresh eggs (2 for skinny beans)

20g knob of butter

Freshly ground black pepper


2 x slices of wholegrain (or your favourite bread)

Butter for spreading

Dijon mustard for spreading


  1. Put your non-stick pan on a low heat and melt the butter. Also, put your bread in the toaster ready to toast.IMG_4454
  2. Crack the eggs into a bowl and whisk them using a fork. Half way through mixing, add a generous pinch of salt and pepper. Try beating the eggs in a circular motion to allow air in.
  3. Push your bread down in the toaster.
  4. Your butter should be fully melted and gently bubbling? Perfect. Carefully pour the egg mixture into the pan and leave to rest for 30 seconds.
  5. Using a plastic spatula, a wooden spoon, or your favourite kitchen utensil, push your egg mixture into the middle of the pan, gently breaking down the eggs as you do. Repeat this around the pan; moving the mixture from the outside, into the middle.IMG_4455
  6. Your egg mixture will begin to firm up and stop running out from the middle of the pan, at this point, you’re very close to serving.IMG_4456
  7. Take your eggs off the heat just after the point of being runny – they will continue to cook themselves. You don’t want them overdone, that’s sacrilege. From pouring the mixture in the pan to taking them off the heat will take about 1.5 minutes.
  8. Butter up your toast and add a spread of Dijon mustard for an extra kick.
  9. Serve your eggs over the toast, sprinkle on some black pepper and enjoy.IMG_4459

You can add many things to your scrambled eggs: smoked salmon, spinach, bacon, ham, avocado, smoked mackerel…. You decide.


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