Superstar BBQ – Korean food in Holborn


I’ve now eaten Korean food three times. A date, a social gathering and the most recent, a man rendezvous – the rendezvous being my favourite. For a cheap in out job head to Bibimbap, you’ll find two in London: Greek Street and Charlotte Street. Once finished reading this post, check out my Bibimbap review here:

Finding out Bibimbap had opened a higher-end sister restaurant in Holborn was music to my ears. At first I was suspicious of the overly self confident name, Superstar BBQ. It implies success before one’s been. I thought I’d be turning up to a Korean karaoke joint with Korean pop stars plastered on the wall. Admittedly, it did a damn good job of proving me wrong.

Two popular ramen restaurants (Ippudo and Kanada-Ya) neighbour Superstar, forming an Asian food hub. Awesome I hear you say.


The service:

Service on arrival was spot on. In fact service throughout dinner was spot on. I have no complaints. I like to enquire about the food and quiz the waiters. Not in the way where I’m trying to catch them out, I just want to learn more.


The food:

The BBQ stoves take centre stage – built into the middle of each table. I was excited to cook my own food. If I messed up, I only had myself to blame – clever thinking Korea.


We opted for the £35pp set menu. We lost count of how many courses came, but everything arrived promptly.

The set menu included:

Yuk Hwae (beef tartare), Mandoo (dumplings), Pa Jeon (seafood pancake), Miso soup, Kimchi, tiger prawns, sesame and garlic sirloin, rib galbi, wine pork belly, grilled vegetables, mixed salad, bibimbap and ice cream. All meat, fish and vegetables were fresh and properly marinated.




My two highlights were beef tartare and dessert. The tartare gave the traditional French recipe a run for its money. Raw beef, thinly sliced pear with sesame seeds and a quail’s egg was unreal. The flavours were literally orgasmic. I hate to say it, but OMG.


Dessert: a ‘snowball’ pudding called bingsoo, a classic Korean summer treat, which is hard to describe. It consisted of crushed ice, ice cream, fresh fruits, cocoa and delicious sauces, which combined, concluded the meal bang on.


The conclusion:  

  • Awesome Korean BBQ
  • Date night, social occasion, family friendly lunch
  • Order set menu number three
  • 4.1 out of 5


SuperStar BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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