Chotto Matte: A Fantastic Nikkei Restaurant in Soho

Chotto Matte is a must visit Nikkei restaurant in Soho. A fantastic urban buzz awaits with enthusiastic service and most importantly delicious food (and cocktails). Chotto Matte, which means “wait a minute,” specialises in a mouth-watering display of Peruvian and Japanese fusion.


I attended a Zomato meet up, which included over 20 keen bean bloggers – all as eager as me to sample the dishes, cocktails and take excessive photos of these pleasures. The staff at Chotto Matte were great! On arrival I was greeted by two super smiley hostesses who took my jacket and directed me to the rest of the group within the the swanky ground floor cocktail lounge. The restaurant is mega and the vibrant UV light artwork and graffiti are northing short of impressive. Imperatively, the quality of the food matches the outrageous décor – it deserves to be loud and proud.


I was greeted by a glass of Prosecco, a group of welcoming bloggers and the fantastic Zomato team. The evening commenced with tasty samples of the menu, cocktail making classes and being introduced to fellow Zomato bloggers. The Pisco Sour was outrageously scrumptious. Phoebe Luckhurt (Evening Standard) recently included it in her top 5 places to drink a Pisco. It must be noted how the Chotto Matte team went head over heels to ensure we were well looked after – the evening was exceptionally executed.


For me, the highlight of the evening was the restaurant and kitchen tour. My Nikkei food knowledge was next to nothing so learning about its history and the particular methods and styles used to prepare and cook was intriguing. On the first floor guests can sit around a huge Robato Grill and feel a part of the experience. One day I will have a Robata in my kitchen.


As the event drew to a close, Zomato bloggers were encouraged to stay around for a few cocktails. I’m not one to miss out on such opportunities, so a certain few of us remained in the lively restaurant and sampled some of the bespoke cocktails. We were joined by fellow blogger Angie Silverspoon and cocktails continued flowing. We became hungry again, the smells and tempting menu were enough for us to grab a table and eat more. This was a chance for me to digest the extensive choices that comprised of unique fusions and twists. I’d definitely recommend a healthy 8 piece Sashimi platter including tuna, seabass, salmon, yellowtail, snow crab, scallop, turbot and nau (£19.95). It was a shame we couldn’t try everything, but the sea bass ceviche and sashimi platter were delicate, mouthwateringly and very flavoursome.


I will certainly be back for another guaranteed successful evening. It’s not a cheap option, but compared to competitors such as Lima or Ceviche it outstrips them and you get more for your money. Boisterous, sexy and quality Nikkei food – thanks Chotto Matte!


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  1. Ohh this sounds amazing! I have heard of this one before and have been meaning to go for awhile. My ideal kind of food! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog


  2. You must go Jasmin, the food and cocktails are great. And it’s fun, loud and colourful! Where would you recommend? x


  3. themayfairy says:

    Hahaha, you went to a Zomato event, yet carried on eating afterwards? Now that’s dedication!


    1. Haha.. To be fair, there was quality of quantity soon. My stomach wasnt ruined like clockjack… I just had to eat more. P.s. I’m at cafe east again… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. themayfairy says:

        Oooooh you lucky thing! (Imagine if Zomato did a Cafe East event. Serious LOL. Maybe even a guffaw)


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