My Favourite Food and Drink trends for 2015

Trends are so hot right now. Ever-increasing online media activity and social media are big factors carving out and driving trends. I am constantly on the look out for current trends and future trends. Foods, drinks, diets, the list goes on. 2014 saw a trajectory rise in gluten free diets, Peruvian cuisine, superfoods and infused cocktails. I thought I’d round up a few of my favourite trends set out for 2015!

First on the list for foods is a growing popularity in ‘Veganuary’. I think this is a complete waste of time, come February it’s back to steak and duck fat chips. Next up, cauliflower. This highly nutritional vegetable is low in starch and could push our friend Kale aside. Sweetening things up a little – coconut sugar. Made from the sap of palm trees, it is said to be lower on the glycaemic index than sugar and more nutritious. Continuing the sweet vibe, cereal is making a trendy come back. Cereal Killer Café, the UK’s first cereal bar on Brick Lane has generated remarkable media coverage, especially when the family run café wrote an open letter in response to a Channel 4 reporters comments on the £4 a bowl price tag. I checked out the café  and thought it was great fun! My final foodie favourite is the trendy new way of eating salads: from a jam jar. Air tight, odour free and perhaps mostly, alternative and edgy? The perfect new lunch box.

9th February, CerealKiller 2As for 2015, trends set to wet your whistle. The unpretentious second wave wine bars that have continued to pop up across East London. Sager & Wilde in Hackney is a great starting point or the tiny Vinvixen on Kingsland Road… Additionally, the popularity of Craft Beer grew throughout 2014 and this trend is set to continue with February bringing the first ever London Beer Week. Next up I’m expecting wilder mixes and craft cider. Finally, on a sober note, as it is ‘dry January’, craft juices are set to take off. Vegetable juice bars and general vegetable juices are set to attract a bigger market. Loveage, the seasonal farm-to-street juice kitchen at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch is an example of the increasing market for healthy drink alternatives.

Craft beer

There you have it, my favourite trends that are set to make big space in 2015. I look forward to getting involved….


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