Flat Iron: Mean Steak at a kind price.

IMG_5337The Flat Iron cut is an under-rated piece of meat. Nonetheless, it is a terrific tasting muscle from the shoulder of a cow. I worked at Jamie Oliver’s BBQ restaurant, Barbecoa, and was regularly examined on beef cuts. I am familiar with the basic anatomy of the cow. Only recently has the Flat Iron cut taken the restaurant and beef industry by storm. Mainly because of its affordable price and juicy tenderness. My buddy recommended I visit Flat Iron on the simple persuading factors that it was incredibly cheap and served ground breaking meat. Well I was ready to give it a swirl the next evening.

Two Flat Iron restaurants in London: The mother is on Beak Street, a side road off Regents Street. And the newer established sister on Denmark Street, also Soho. Simplicity is what they are about. Check out their website. You’ll find is two addresses, a snap of their mouth-watering steak and ‘No Reservations’ boldly stated. I turned up early and was confronted with an hour wait. I could deal with an hour. An excuse to try out their slightly claustrophobic underground bar. Front of house staff were charming and enthusiastic. Coincidentally, my boss followed me through the door, excited to see me and excited about the quality of the Flat Iron Steak. ‘What a surprise to see you Thorne, this is my fourth trip – you’ll love it.” And love it I did! IMG_5339

The industrial styled chic interior, decorated with meat related articles: cleavers and aprons, set the mood for a meat lovers paradise. If you enjoy quiet and spacious dining, don’t even bother. Flat Iron is popular and swift paced. Our waitress was enthusiastic. We were greeted by a mug of popcorn, refilled when demolished – popcorn isn’t just for the cinema. Their sparse menu located on the wall with ONE CHOICE: Flat Iron Steak @ £10, makes choosing simple. Wagu special was available, but no, I was here to eat the name my friend. We ordered a couple of sides: fries and aubergine bake @ £2 and peppercorn sauce @ £1. My medium rare steak was full of flavour, perfectly seasoned and remained juicy and tender throughout. A mini cleaver was provided as a steak knife. Theatrical, effective and added a gimmicky but winning touch. I’ve paid three times the amount for steak of this quality. Super value for money and super tasty food!


Flat Iron impressed me. Young enthusiastic service, the location, value for money – you cannot beat, and up most, the juicy Lucy meat. My last word is simplicity, true to what makes it a fantastic choice. Less is more.

In a nutshell..

Taste: 7.5 

Atmosphere: 7.5          

Drinks: 7          

Service: 7         

Value For Money: 8.5


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