First Korean experience @ “Gogio”, Little Venice

IMG_3986Sunday = Fun-day! I love Sundays, you love Sundays and London loves Sundays. After a picnic in Hyde Park, my welsh babes and I Boris biked it along the canal through idyllic Little Venice and found ourselves in Maida Vale. We were hungry, thirsty and lost. The answer was right in front of us – a small ambient Korean restaurant. “Gogi”

It was my first Korean feast and I wanted the most authentic and delicious experience. Big smiles and friendly staff made for a smooth and effortless dine. The perfect amount was recommended by our server and cooked at the table.


Meat option was a “BBQ Gogi Special Platter” for 2 @ £26.50: marinated beef rib-eye strips, sliced tenderloin pork and chicken strips. Fish was of course a “Seafood Dolsot Bibimbap” @ £13.50 served in a sizzling stone pot with scallops and prawns. We ordered two sides of rice, two portions of lettuce wrap (spring onion included) and a £25 bottle of wine. Total = £90. Fair.
Korean eating promotes healthiness. Traditionally, meat is wrapped in butter lettuce with chilli spring onions and a couple of tangy sauces. The blend of food worked like a treat. Fresh crunch lettuce and BBQ infused tender meat made for a succulent carb-less wrap.

“Gogi” is worth the money. I’ll unlikely return in a hurry – main reason being I’d like to sample other Korean eateries in the city. But first impressions, Korean cuisine gets a stern thumbs up!


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