Steak Sandwich for a Champ @ Constancia, Shoreditch Food Village


Hidden at the back of Shoreditch Food Village E1, opposite the popular Pizza East, is a rustic shack serving up the lushest steak sandwich to be found in our great city. Not surprising as since 2009 its Bermondsey mother restaurant, “Constancia”, has been gathering quite a reputation, scoring a solid 4.5 with my trusted friend TripAdvisor.

The Food Village is a temporary erected outdoor eating arena covered by red tarpaulin. Compared to the surrounding globalised chains it feels like a stand against the modern-day eating experience . “Constancia” is one of four pop-ups: the others being Thai, Mexican (Freebird Burritos) and Lebanese (Yalla Yalla). Essentially, all the food is okay – I have tried all of them, although not always while sober. But whatever one’s mental wellbeing, you’d be stupid not to make “Constancia” plan A.

The most sought after grub on the menu is their £7 steak sarnie. The 115g of Argentinian feathered Rib-eye is tender, juicy, and cooked to your choice of temperature. Served between fresh grilled ciabatta, slow charred red peppers for sweetness and fresh rocket for peppery crunch, the bite is macho and elegant. For an extra 80p (delightfully worth it) a slab of melted Provolone adds an extra meaty cheesey touch. Oh, and I almost forgot the sauce, a tangy Argentinian Chimichurri: finishing the meal off to perfection.


What makes the sandwich perfect is the simplicity and the fresh, precise cooking of all components. Cold bottles of Quilmes are on hand to maintain the South American authenticity and allow one a brief escapade to Buenos Aires. The final touch that just makes me happy is the complimentary ciabatta bites and chimichurri offered while waiting; it’s always the little things.

Taste: 8

Atmosphere: 8.5

Drinks: 7

Value for Money: 7

Visit: for more information


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