Clutch… Paradise for fried chicken lovers


This may be my first and only review to circumnavigate the world, but nonetheless, my passion for food, drink and entertainment has directed me to write about these awesome fun experiences. Happily, I spend most of my money eating out, enjoying the global phenomenon of edible and drinkable treats.

Is it often one reads a review on fried chicken? Well ‘Clutch’ is no KFC, RFC, Nandos or any other regurgitated chicken binge found scuttling the streets of the city. While sitting on my bed in South East London indulging on three Weetabix, my food mind takes me back two Sundays ago to a new born chicken joint attached to a hipster entangled council estate, a stones throw from the floral scented Colombia Road. The prominent yellow washed and Gaucho resembling zebra print building appears alien in this environment, though feels like a safe-haven.
It’s Irish owners are genuine, welcoming and offer more banter than you generally find in London. A skinny camp man treats you like a best buddy, and his co-owner, a beaming beautiful brunette create the personality that represents a fat proportion of their success. The extravagant “clutchtail” menu scribbled down on a chalkboard was brought over to our table, featuring Rap star named drinks full of diverse ingredients. Their tastes weren’t overwhelming, slightly floral and too much ginger, a little try hard. Either way, at the price of two for £9, it’s a bargain for cocktails. Quick fact: Since beginning this write up, I have booked a table with three friends to eat there again this evening. Coincidental.

Most importantly: breasts, thighs and wings. A clear menu slapped in front of you and explained through and through. Brunch, Sunday lunches and a boisterous selection of fried chicken cuts are available. The rare breed free-range chicken is fried in Ground Nut Oil and organically sourced from a farm in Wiltshire.

We opted for the full works: a loaded bucket of thighs, wings and breasts and a mound of succulent goujons. I indulge crispy food like there’s no tomorrow, though the exceptionally crunchy batter could potentially ruin bridge work.  A choice of different batter styles are included; sweet chili, lemon and Parmesan, and curry leaf and sesame seed –  adding a unique creation of exciting flavors to your usual fried chicken. The exceedingly thin pencil fries were underwhelming; the lightly ‘mayonaised’ slaw was worth a go. There’s no Heinz or Hellman’s available, instead house made salsas, feta sauces and sour cream dips which compliment the tantalizing chicken undoubtedly more. For me, I couldn’t stop eating until there were only bones on the table. It was moist, crunchy and extremely moreish. I’d be more than happy to return here, any day of the week for an afternoon or late night dinner. I look forward to paying another visit and would be proud in returning with friends, family or a lucky lady.

Taste: 7.5

Atmosphere: 6.5

Drinks: 6.5

Staff: 8.5

Value for Money: 8.5


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